Liturgical Calendar

December 2021

Wed the 1st:

Isa 25:6-10Ps 23:1-6Matt 15:29-37
Glorious mysteries

Thu the 2nd:

Isa 26:1-6Ps 118:1-27Matt 7:21-27
Luminous mysteries

Fri the 3rd:

(Memorial of Frances Xavier, priest.)
Isa 29:17-24Ps 27:1-14Matt 9:27-31
Sorrowful mysteries

Sat the 4th:

(Memorial of John Damascene, priest and doctor.)
Isa 30:19-26Ps 147:1-6Matt 9:35-10:1-8
Joyful mysteries

Sun the 5th:

Psalter II, Advent Week 2.
Bar 5:1-9Ps 126:1-6Phil 1:4-11Luke 3:1-6
Joyful mysteries

Mon the 6th:

(Optional memorial of Nicholas, bishop.)
Isa 35:1-10Ps 85:9-14Luke 5:17-26
Joyful mysteries

Tue the 7th:

(Memorial of Ambrose, bishop and doctor.)
Vigil of Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception.
Isa 40:1-11Ps 96:1-13Matt 18:12-14
Sorrowful mysteries

Wed the 8th:

Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception.
Gen 3:9-20Ps 98:1-4Eph 1:3-12Luke 1:26-38
Glorious mysteries

Thu the 9th:

Isa 41:13-20Ps 145:1-13Matt 11:11-15
Luminous mysteries

Fri the 10th:

Isa 48:17-19Ps 1:1-6Matt 11:16-19
Sorrowful mysteries

Sat the 11th:

(Optional memorial of Damasus I, pope.)
Sir 48:1-11Ps 80:1-19Matt 17:9-13
Joyful mysteries

Sun the 12th:

Psalter III, Advent Week 3.
Gaudete Sunday.
(Memorial of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Americas).)
(Optional memorial of Jane Frances de Chantal, religious.)
Zeph 3:14-18Isa 12:1-6Phil 4:4-7Luke 3:10-18
Joyful mysteries

Mon the 13th:

(Memorial of Lucy, virgin and martyr.)
Num 24:1-17Ps 25:4-9Matt 21:23-27
Joyful mysteries

Tue the 14th:

(Memorial of John of the Cross, priest and doctor.)
Zeph 3:1-13Ps 34:1-23Matt 21:28-32
Sorrowful mysteries

Wed the 15th:

Isa 45:6-25Ps 85:9-14Luke 7:18-23
Glorious mysteries

Thu the 16th:

Isa 54:1-10Ps 30:1-13Luke 7:24-30
Luminous mysteries

Fri the 17th:

Gen 49:1-10Ps 72:1-17Matt 1:1-17
Sorrowful mysteries

Sat the 18th:

Jer 23:5-8Ps 72:1-19Matt 1:18-24
Joyful mysteries

Sun the 19th:

Psalter IV, Advent Week 4.
Mic 5:1-4Ps 80:1-19Heb 10:5-10Luke 1:39-45
Joyful mysteries

Mon the 20th:

Isa 7:10-14Ps 24:1-6Luke 1:26-38
Joyful mysteries

Tue the 21st:

(Optional memorial of Peter Canisius, priest and doctor.)
Song 2:8-14 or Zeph 3:14-18Ps 33:1-21Luke 1:39-45
Sorrowful mysteries

Wed the 22nd:

1 Sam 1:24-281 Sam 2:1-8Luke 1:46-56
Glorious mysteries

Thu the 23rd:

(Optional memorial of John of Kanty, priest.)
Mal 3:1-4:6Ps 25:4-14Luke 1:57-66
Luminous mysteries

Fri the 24th:

Vigil of Solemnity of Christmas.
2 Sam 7:1-16Ps 89:1-29Luke 1:67-79
Vigil Readings: Isa 62:1-5Ps 89:4-29Acts 13:16-25Matt 1:1-25
Sorrowful mysteries

Sat the 25th:

Solemnity of Christmas.
Begin Christmas Octave.
Midnight Mass Readings: Isa 9:1-6Ps 96:1-13Titus 2:11-14Luke 2:1-14
Mass at Dawn Readings: Isa 62:11-12Ps 97:1-12Titus 3:4-7Luke 2:15-20
Daytime Mass Readings: Isa 52:7-10Ps 98:1-6Heb 1:1-6John 1:1-18
Joyful mysteries

Sun the 26th:

Psalter I, Octave of Christmas.
Feast of The Holy Family.
(Feast of Stephen, first martyr.)
1 Sam 1:20-28Ps 84:1-101 John 3:1-2, 21-24Luke 2:41-52
Joyful mysteries

Mon the 27th:

Feast of John, apostle and evangelist.
1 John 1:1-4Ps 97:1-12John 20:1-8
Joyful mysteries

Tue the 28th:

Feast of Holy Innocents, martyrs.
1 John 1:5-2:2Ps 124:1-8Matt 2:13-18
Sorrowful mysteries

Wed the 29th:

(Optional memorial of Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr.)
1 John 2:3-11Ps 96:1-6Luke 2:22-35
Glorious mysteries

Thu the 30th:

1 John 2:12-17Ps 96:7-10Luke 2:36-40
Luminous mysteries

Fri the 31st:

(Optional memorial of Sylvester I, pope.)
Vigil of Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.
1 John 2:18-21Ps 96:1-13John 1:1-18
Sorrowful mysteries