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Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church


The faithful community of Holy Angels Catholic Parish, established in 1921, is firmly incorporated into the Body of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We seek to teach, build, and serve under the inspiration of His Spirit in order to build up our parish community and to witness the glory of our God to our neighbors.

La comunidad de fieles de la Parroquia Católica del Sagrada Ángeles establecida en 1921, está firmemente incorporado en el Cuerpo de nuestro Señor, Jesucristo. Buscamos enseñar, construir y servir bajo la inspiración de su Espíritu, a fin de construir nuestra comunidad parroquial y ser testigo de la gloria de Dios a nuestros vecinos.


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Bulletin News


Holy Angels,

Welcome, December! The days have finally turned cold. As I am writing this, I have one more day in the Parish office. Just as the Magi came from the East to seek out the baby Jesus, I too am embarking on a journey. Only my journey will be significantly shorter and much more pleasant as I start my new job with the Surry Arts Council. I have learned to have faith as the Magi did and trust in God’s plan.

This week’s Gospel focuses on repentance. John baptizes for repentance and for the forgiveness of sins, preparing the way for God's salvation. John's preaching of the coming of the Lord is a key theme of the Advent season. As John's message prepared the way for Jesus, we too are called to prepare ourselves for Jesus' coming. We respond to John's message by repentance and reform of our lives.

I will pray for everyone's safe travels this holiday season and will be reminded of your generosity this Advent season as we prepare for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

- Marianna


Santos Ángeles,

¡Bienvenido Diciembre! Los días finalmente se han vuelto fríos. Mientras escribo esto, tengo un día más en la oficina parroquial. Así como los magos vinieron de Oriente para buscar al niño Jesús, yo también me embarco en un viaje. Solo mi viaje será significativamente más corto y mucho más placentero cuando comience mi nuevo trabajo en el Surry Arts Council. He aprendido a tener fe como los magos y a confiar en el plan de Dios.

El evangelio de esta semana se enfoca en el arrepentimiento. Juan bautiza para el arrepentimiento y el perdón de los pecados, preparando el camino para la salvación de Dios. La predicación de Juan sobre la venida del Señor es un tema clave de la temporada de Adviento. Como el mensaje de Juan preparó el camino para Jesús, nosotros también estamos llamados a prepararnos para la venida de Jesús. Respondemos al mensaje de Juan con el arrepentimiento y la reforma de nuestra vida.

Oraré por los viajes seguros de todos en esta temporada festiva y recordaré su generosidad en esta temporada de Adviento mientras nos preparamos para nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo. Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo a todos.

- Marianna




Online Giving Available Now:

We now offer Online Giving. If you would like to send secure online contributions rather than sending contributions in the mail, please visit the church website and click on the Online Giving tab at the top to start the registration process. If you have any issues with registration or setting up an account, please call

1-877-393-3330 for assistance. Thank you!

Columbiettes: Please attend Mass on Saturday, December 4th for Deceased Columbiettes and January 22nd for Unborn Children.

Funeral Mass: Friday, December 3rd, Father Peter will hold a funeral mass for his mother, Marianne Nouck. At 5 PM there will be an English Mass. At 8 PM there will be a bi-lingual Mass with an African choir joining our Hispanic choir. After each mass, there will be light refreshments. Due to the expected turnout, masks will be mandated. Please join Father Peter in celebrating the life of his mother. All are welcome to attend.

Advent Penance Service: Holy Angels Penance Service will be held on Monday, December 6th at 6 PM.

Our Lady of Guadalupe: There will not be a Mass this year due to the feast falling on a Sunday. In lieu of Mass, there will be fellowship and activities held on Saturday, December 11th at 6pm in the MDC.

Este año no habrá misa debido a que la fiesta cae en domingo. En lugar de la Misa, habrá compañerismo y actividades que se llevarán a cabo el sábado 11 de diciembre a las 6 pm en el MDC.

Father Away:  Father Peter will be in Cameroon from December 9th through January 5th. We will have priests filling in during his absence. Father John Hanic will preside over the weekend Masses on December 11th and 12th. Father Ferris will be here December 17th through January 5th.

Religious Retirement: A donor to the Retirement Fund for Religious writes, “I still remember the lessons the sisters gave us and how they instilled in us the love of our faith.” Show your thanks for the prayerful service of elderly Catholic sisters, brothers, and religious order priests. Your gift to next week’s second collection helps provide care, medicine, and more. Please be generous.

Father Larry:  Father Larry moved into Pennybryn at the beginning of November. For those who wish to keep in contact with him, please contact the parish office for his current address.

Parish Secretary: Looking to fill the position of Parish Secretary immediately. 15-17 hours per week. Must have computer skills. Bi-lingual preferred. Knowledge of Parishsoft is helpful but not required. Will train the right candidate. Please send resumes to the church office at holyangelsmtairy@gmail.com or speak with Father Peter.

Coordinator of Rel. Ed: We are currently seeking a Coordinator of Religious Education/Youth Minister for our Faith Formation program. This person deals directly with the youth of the parish from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Must complete Protecting God’s Children training and Catechist training. For more details or if interested in this position, please contact Stella Neal or Father Peter.

Baptisms: Baptisms will be held on the Second Saturday of every month. 9am for English and 11am for Spanish. You must register beforehand and complete baptism preparation.

Los bautismos se llevarán a cabo el segundo sábado de cada mes. 9 am para inglés y 11 am para español. Debe registrarse de antemano y completar la preparación para el bautismo.

Anniversary Blessing: On the first Sundays of the month, Father Peter will bless all those celebrating a wedding or birthday anniversary. If you wish to participate, please contact the office with your anniversary information.

Food Drive: Bags for food are collected by the Knights of Columbus on the last Sunday of the Month. Bags are available in the back of the MDC. The most needed items for the month of November are tuna and mayonnaise.

Collections: If writing a check for the collection, please write separate checks for each collection. We are not able to divide single checks into multiple collections. Thank you.

New and Gently Used Shoes:  The Knights of Columbus is seeking new and serviceable men’s and women’s shoes for delivery to the VA Medical Center in Kernersville, NC for our local veterans.  The VA keeps items such as this in storage and distributes them when they have a VA patient in need. Please bring the items to the MDC and place them into the bins near the entrance.


Choir Members: We are in need of a few more members for the Choir. Must attend the 10am Mass regularly. Please contact Theresa Hutton at 336-309-4317 if you are interested.

Altar Servers: We are in need of a few more altar server volunteers. Must be in 4th grade or up and have received first communion. Also must attend mass on a regular basis. 

Accompanist Needed:  Do you play the piano? Or another instrument?  We are in need of an accompanist at our 10 AM Mass.  Please contact Father Peter or Theresa at your convenience.  Thank You!


Hospitalization/Sacrament of the Sick  Please let us know if you or someone you know is sick, preparing for surgery or hospitalized. We rely on you to help us keep in touch with those who may not be able to contact us themselves.  


Hospitalizacion/ Sacramento de los enfermos: Infórmenos si usted o alguien que conoce está enfermo, se está preparando para una cirugía o está hospitalizado. Confiamos en usted para que nos ayude a mantenernos en contacto con aquellos que tal vez no puedan comunicarse con nosotros por sí mismos.

Prayers for the Sick: Please contact holyangelsmtairy@gmail.com or the church office at (336)786-8315 if you would like to add someone to the prayer list. Names will only remain on the prayer list for 3 weeks. Please contact again if you would like names to remain on for an additional 3 weeks.


Mass Intentions/ Sanctuary Lamps: The suggested donation for each is $10.  Sign-up sheet for Sanctuary Lamps is in the back of the MDC -  one intention per week.  For Mass Intentions, please call the church office to make sure the date you want is open. Blank envelopes are at the back of the MDC for making payments.  Please write checks to ‘Holy Angels’ and make a notation for ‘Mass Intention’ or ‘Sanctuary Lamp’ and if its for ‘deceased’ or ‘sickness’  on the envelope and leave in the basket on the office door.


Community Support:  Aluminum cans and tabs are continuously collected by our Knights and Columbiettes to generate monies for community needs.  Please separate the tabs from the cans and place them in the small building behind our granite church. Many thanks!​

KofC Father McGivney.PNG



Grand Knight: Tom Starbuck

Telephone: 336-719-7855

Email: starbuckarchitect@gmail.com

Deputy Grand Knight:  Robert Cross

Telephone:  336-602-0359

Email:  N/A

Meeting Schedule:  Every 2nd Monday of the month 6:30PM Social, 7:00PM Meeting Start in the Msgr. Duncan Center behind the church.

Upcoming Events:

Next meeting will be held on Monday, October 13th at 5:30pm in the Monsignor Duncan Center.

The Knights of Columbus is seeking new and serviceable men’s and women’s shoes for delivery to the VA Medical Center in Kernersville, NC for our local veterans.  The VA keeps items such as this in storage and distributes them when they have a VA patient in need. Please bring the items to the MDC and place them into the bins near the entrance.

All parishioners are reminded to bring their extra coats and place in the bins under the table at the back of the MDC.  The Knights will collect them and turn them in to help our local children this winter.

Knights of Columbus will be offering Bags donated by Lowe’s Foods with the hope that you will bring them back to church with non-perishable food items.  They will be collecting them at the back of the church and deliver them to the local food pantries.  Thank You for supporting local businesses and those in need.  


* Operation LAMB - An annual fund raising event to help the

Least Among Us * 


*Coats for Kids Campaign*  Parishioners are asked to bring in their extra coats and place in the bin in the back of the church during the winter months.  We will take them to Hutchens' Cleaners where they clean them for free and distribute them to those organizations in need of coats in our local community.

* Built a ramp for a Handicap member of Holy Angels *

* Financially helped a man attending studies to become a Priest *

* Helping widows within our parish as needed *


Our Knights of Columbus would like to share a couple of significant achievements this week.  During the recent installation of new officers, State District Deputy Peter Falk awarded outgoing Grand Knight Frank Mosblech an award for his 2016-2017 achievements supporting programs such as Coats for Kids and Operation LAMB.    

            Our Council also received an Award of Excellence for the 2016 Operation LAMB drive in which we reached 143% of our 2016 Goal.  Our Knights would also like to THANK the Columbiettes for their support with this important fund raiser and other joint efforts throughout the years.


WE NEED YOUR HELP - If any NEW parishioners interested in joining and/or PREVIOUS Knights interested in rejoining our local Knights of Columbus team efforts, please contact your newly elected Grand Knight Randy Goins @ 336-467-4408.


The Knights of Columbus was the leading proponent of the 1954 addition of the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. U.S. Knights began including the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance in 1951 after the organization’s board of directors adopted a resolution mandating that the amended pledge be formally recited in each of its 750 Fourth Degree assemblies. A year later, the Supreme Council adopted a resolution that urged Congress and the White House to add the words “under God” to the Pledge. Supreme Knight Luke Hart, who was also president of the National Fraternal Congress, persuaded the other 110 fraternal societies to support the resolution as well. The Pledge of Allegiance was formally amended by Congress and signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower on Flag Day, June 14, 1954. In a letter following the action, President Eisenhower thanked Supreme Knight Hart for the K of C’s work in making the addition of the words “under God,” to the Pledge a reality. Today the Order is directly involved in defending the Pledge against the most recent legal challenges to its constitutionality. In 2005, atheist Michael Newdow, whose earlier lawsuit had been rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court because he lacked standing, filed a new challenge with a number of coplaintiffs. He asked the U.S. District Court in Sacramento, CA to declare the Pledge unconstitutional because it contains the words “under God.” The Knights of Columbus and seven individual Knights and their families sought and were granted permission to join the suit as defendant-intervenors. In 2006, the District Court ruled against the Pledge, and the Knights immediately appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Oral arguments in the case were heard by a panel of the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 4, 2007. On March 11, 2010, the court issued a decision upholding the constitutionality of the Pledge, and ruling that the words under God “do not violate the Establishment Clause.” On October 31, 2007, Newdow filed a similar lawsuit against the school system in Hanover, New Hampshire, this time on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and several local plaintiffs. Once again, the Knights of Columbus sought and received permission from the court to become defendant-intervenors. On September 30, 2009, U.S. District Judge Steven McAuliffe ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance - including the words “under God” - did not violate the Constitution, and dismissed the case. Judge McAuliffe held that the Pledge “neither advances nor inhibits religion” and “does not foster excessive government involvement with religion.” It was, he said, “enacted to enhance instruction in the Nation’s history, and foster a sense of patriotism.” Newdow has appealed to the First Circuit.

WHY YOU SHOULD BECOME A KNIGHT: https://www.kofc.org/un/en/join/index.html

JOIN US TODAY: https://www.kofc.org/un/en/join/sign-me-up.html

Columbiette Logo.PNG



President: Linda Galasetti-Simmons

Telephone:  336-648-3593

Email: Lindaholyangels@gmail.com

Vice-President: Candy Triplett

Telephone:  276-733-3573

Email: cft900@rocketmail.com

Meeting Schedule:  2nd Monday, each month (Sept-June) in Msgr Duncan Center

Social starts at 6:30

Meeting starts at 7 pm  ​


​           Fall bake sale fundraiser. Autumn Leaves weekend

          Retreat at St Francis Springs

          Assist Knights with Operation Lamb 

          Collection of Toys for Tots and Teens at Christmas party with Knights

          Sponsor Angel Tree with Salvation Army and participation of entire parish

          Annual Mardi Gras fundraiser

          Spring fundraiser to be determined

          Assisting Special Olympics with Knights

          Sponsor of Autism Walk

          Contributions to a variety of local charities with monies from our fundraisers. 

          Support for ARC and Fragile X research

      We also provide gift cards to parish families in need of help at Thanksgiving and Christmas and as requested throughout the year. We assisted in a fundraiser for a parish family experiencing medical and financial difficulties.

Upcoming Events

The Columbiettes will be selling locally made face masks outside the MDC after each Mass. They are available in white or blue and cost $5 each. You may also purchase the face masks in the Faith Formation office.


In order to continue our efforts to assist our parish and community we need the support 

Of the entire parish. We are always looking for new members and invite anyone interested to attend a meeting or speak to one of our members for more information. We have several standing committees which offer involvement in a variety of ways such as fundraisers, publicity, membership, social events, social welfare, and Catholic action including First Communion, Confirmation, retreats and even a scrapbook committee to capture our activities in pictures!!  Hopefully there is something of interest for everyone.

Come join us!!!


Contact Us:

Rev. Peter Nouck, Pastor

Rev. Mr. Wayne J. Nacey, Deacon

1208 N Main St, Mt Airy, NC 27030, USA

Office: (336) 786-8315

(336) 786-8296

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