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Regular Mass Schedule


No Mass


11:30 AM Confession

12 Noon Mass


12 Noon Mass

5:30 PM Eucharistic Exposition

6 PM Eucharistic Benediction


12 Noon Mass


12 Noon Mass

Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Every Friday after Mass)

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1st Friday of the month after Mass)

Anointing of the Sick (2nd Friday of the month during Mass)


3:15 to 4 PM Confessions

4:30 PM  Mass

First Saturday Devotion (1st Saturday of the month at 9am)


8:30 AM Mass

10 AM Mass

12:30 PM  Mass  (Spanish)

Anniversary Blessing (1st Sunday of the month)

Holiday Mass Schedule

Holy days   (ie: All Saints, Assumption, Immaculate Conception etc)

(those that fall on a weekday: no vigil)     12 noon and 6:30 PM 

(those that fall on a weekend:)                  6:30 PM vigil         10 AM

All Souls Day                 7 PM (Spanish)

Thanksgiving:              10 AM

Christmas Eve:              5 PM             Children’s Mass

                                       8 PM             Mass During the Night

Christmas Day:             9 AM             English

                                    11 AM             Spanish

New Year’s Eve:       4:30 PM          English

                                      6 PM          Spanish

New Year’s Day:         10 AM           English

Ash Wednesday           12 Noon          Mass w/ashes

                                         6 PM          Ashes Service English

                                         7 PM          Ashes Service Spanish

Stations of the Cross   6:30 PM          Fridays

Palm Sunday                 4:30 PM vigil

                                      8:30 AM

                                    10:30 AM

Holy Thursday                    7 PM        

Good Friday                       4 PM        

Holy Saturday                8:30 PM vigil

Easter Sunday               8:30 AM

                                     10:30 AM

Chapel Hours

Every day from 7am to 6pm



11:30 AM


3:15 PM-4 PM

or by appointment


2nd Saturday of the month

9am for English Mass

11am for Spanish Mass

Must complete baptism preparation  and baptism registration.

Holy Matrimony

Saturdays at 1pm

Must complete marriage preparation and investigation.

Mass Schedule/Chapel Hours: Events
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